Zino Nicaragua Cigars

New to Buster Cigars Ltd Zino Nicaragua cigars. The blend consists of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Seminal 56 seco binder which has been cultivated in Nicaragua, and fillers that includes a Honduran visus from Olancho and Jamastran, Nicaraguan visus from Ometepe, and Dominican San Vicente and San Vicente Mejorado secos. The results are pronounced notes of fresh pepper with a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste with notes of cedar wood and coffee. By the second third the flavours are taken over by a light saltiness. Flavours of salted nuts, leather and cream are also present, with the creaminess balancing out the flavours. The last third evolves again with milk coffee, spices and a dark chocolate take over your palate. An incredible evolution!

The Zino Nicaragua range was inspired by the man himself, Zino Davidoff. He was an adventurer and loved to discover pastures new and enjoy life to the fullest. Inspired by this, Davidoff has developed a range of cigars that reflects his spirit and love for life. They are designed for people who don’t follow the traditional path in life, they have open minds, never knowing what may be around the corner or what opportunities life might throw their way. This spirit of discovery has driven Davidoff to search for the best tobaccos the world has to offer, including a blend from Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Whilst Zino was an adventurer in life, he never adventured in consistency. He ensured all of his cigars were of the utmost quality despite all of the risks he took in life and you’ll notice that in these cigars.

The new Zino range will delight novice smokers as well as aficionados. They have the traditional Central American taste profile. Nicaraguan spices mixed with Dominican creaminess. Medium bodied, well balanced and aromatic. The cigar doesn’t increase in intensity as you make your way down and it leaves a lovely aftertaste.